United Financial Group

Investing with us,
you create the future

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because
someone planted a tree a long time ago“

Warren Buffett

About company

Investment company United Financial Group is the trust management of Investment Capital. Formation and management of assets included in the company's investment portfolio.

Total number of investment shares:


The number of
investment stages


First dividend


Profit is distributed to investment shares


The company's investment portfolio includes the most promising industries and technologies, such as safe medicine and it developments in the field of blockchain technologies.

Activity of the company:

  • Investments in the development of safe new generation drugs
  • Investments in IT-technologies
  • Investments in innovative developments
  • Development of our own products

Company's mission:

  • Creating a balanced investment portfolio for investors
  • Launch of safe drugs for the treatment of oncology on the market
  • Market launch of innovative developments
  • Financing of IT-technology areas



Investments in a promising business with a turnover of more than $ 200 billion dollars a year


An opportunity to have access to all preparations and company developments at the lowest prices


The annual payment of dividends to investors of the company, after calculating the annual profit


The ability to transfer their shares in the company by inheritance


Participation in the creation of an important area in the safe therapy and treatment of many diseases


Profit from all development and investment tools of the company


Why is it profitable to invest in new
technologies and developments?


in 2010, the company's share was worth $ 0.009, and after 9 years the price rose to $ 44 per share. An investment of $ 100 in Uber, after 9 years made a profit of $ 500,000


The company was founded in 1996. Initial investment in the company amounted to $ 25 million. The current capitalization of the company is about 1 trillion dollars. An investment of $ 100 in 1998 grew to $ 4,000,000 after 20 years.


Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne founded the company in 1976. Ron Wayne sold his 10% stake for $ 800 in 2 weeks. Today 10% of the company costs about $ 100 billion!


The company was founded in 1999. Attracted investments of $ 25,000,000. At the beginning of 2020, market capitalization exceeded $ 600 billion. $ 100 of investments grew to $ 2.4 million

Today, all these companies are popular and
famous, but few years ago few believed that
they had a future, for this very reason,
the shares of these companies were cheap.

Investment areas

Medical direction:

Finished Products:

  • An immunostimulating drug (more)
  • Antitumor drug "FRAN" (more)

In developing:

  • Own development of an immunomodulatory drug
  • Own development of a drug based on squalene

IT direction:

Finished Products:

  • Investing in Yllo blockchain One (more)

In developing:

  • Issue of own token

Market volume

Demand for drug development

Pfizer Acquires Campto for $ 620 Million

Sanofi-Synthelabo announced that it has signed an agreement with Pfizer Inc. regarding the divestment of Aventis’ interests in Campto (irinotecan) in response to requests made by the competition authorities.Subject to the success of Sanofi-Synthelabo’s offer for Aventis, Pfizer will take over clinical studies for Campto that are currently conducted by Aventis, together with certain patents and other assets pertaining to territories where Pfizer currently markets irinotecan. The consideration for the whole transaction is of $620 million.


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Pfizer Offers $ 14 Billion For Medivation Oncology Manufacturer

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) and Medivation, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDVN) today announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Pfizer will acquire Medivation, a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing small molecules for oncology, for $81.50 a share in cash for a total enterprise value of approximately $14 billion.

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GSK reaches an agreement to acquire TESARO, a biopharmaceutical oncology company

GlaxoSmithKline plc (LSE/NYSE: GSK) and TESARO Inc (NASDAQ: TSRO) today announced that the Companies have entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which GSK will acquire TESARO, an oncology-focused company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, for an aggregate cash consideration of approximately $5.1 billion (£4.0 billion). The proposed transaction will significantly strengthen GSK’s pharmaceutical business, accelerating the build of GSK’s pipeline and commercial capability in oncology.

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Pfizer buys cancer drug maker Array BioPharma

NEW YORK & BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) and Array BioPharma Inc. (NASDAQ: ARRY) today announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Pfizer will acquire Array, a commercial stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of targeted small molecule medicines to treat cancer and other diseases of high unmet need. Pfizer has agreed to acquire Array for $48 per share in cash, for a total enterprise value of approximately $11.4 billion. The Boards of Directors of both companies have approved the merger.


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Company Rx Sales
R&D spend
$45.302 $7.962
$44.552 $9.803
$43.481 $8.154
Johnson & Johnson
$38.815 $8.446
Merck & Co.
$37.353 $7.908
$35.121 $6.227
$32.067 $5.093
$30.645 $4.987
$22.533 $3.657
Gilead Science
$21.677 $3.897

Market volume

Demand for IT Development

2012 Facebook bought Instagram

Instagram has become a key fixture of Facebook’s growth. Facebook bought the photo-sharing start-up for $1 billion in 2012, paying what seemed like a shocking sum of $1 billion for a company with 13 employees at the time.


Now, Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly users, including 500 million daily users of the Stories feature, which was introduced in 2016 to compete against a popular feature of the same name from Snapchat. That growth has resulted in Instagram being valued by analysts at more than $100 billion, or about one-fifth of Facebook’s total market cap.


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2014 Facebook bought WhatsApp

February 2014. Facebook has bought messaging app WhatsApp in a deal worth a total of $19bn (£11.4bn) in cash and shares. The deal to buy it includes $4bn in cash and approximately $12bn-worth of Facebook shares, plus an additional $3bn in stock to WhatsApp's founders and employees at a later date.


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2017 Ripple

XRP is the cryptocurrency of the Ripple network. XRP is designed to be a fast and efficient cryptocurrency for cross-border payments. The company has managed to attract investment and attention from Google.

Initially, a small project became the basis for the banking systems of Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Canada. After listing on the exchange in 2017, the XRP price was $ 0.006. At the same time, in 2018, Ripple became the main topic of discussion thanks to a fantastic take-off, the basis of which was the trust of the world's financial institutions: at the end of 2017, Ripple was called a “threat to bitcoin”, by the beginning of December 2018, XRP was worth more than $ 3. XRP grew 540 times in 13 months, accounting for 54,000%.


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IT Technology Market Growth Forecasts

While traditional ICT spending is forecast to broadly track GDP growth over the next decade, the overall industry will be catapulted back to growth of more than 2 x GDP as new technologies begin to account for a larger share of the market. The emergence of IoT is already contributing to overall market growth, and within 5-10 years new technologies such as robotics and AR/VR will also expand to represent a significant and growing share of total ICT spending.


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Project roadmap


  • August 2019 Beginning of investment attraction
  • November 2019 Launching of UFG’s own investment platform
    Creation of the video presentation of the drug “FRAN”
  • February 2020 Beginning of the development and research in the immunity field and launching of our own production of the drug at the Department of the Faculty of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • March 2020 Receiving the Certificate of compliance for the drug “FRAN”
  • April 2020 Reorganization of the Company under the brand UFG
    Start of cooperation with the Yllo blockchain One company.
    Beginning of the clinical trials of balm in the framework of our company.
  • May 2020 Purchase of materials for the manufacture of balm (60,000 bottles)
    Purchase of packaging and equipment for the production of balm
    Update of the Company’s website
  • June 2020 Installation and checkout of the equipment for small-scale production of "RUSICH" balm
    Purchase of the production technology rights of "RUSICH" balm
  • July 2020 Release of the first batch of "RUSICH" balm
    Market launch of the "RUSICH" balm
    Ordering an automatic line for packaging the "RUSICH" balm
  • August 2020 Launch of an online store ufgmarket.com for partners Development of a landing page for "RUSICH" balm ufgshop.ru Transition to the Stage 6 of financing
  • September 2020 Inclusion of Yllo Blockchain One company to the our website
    Enabling marketing for balm in member account
  • November 2020 Execution of the cooperation agreement with Vortex-Oscillatory Technologies LLC
    Start of production of the drug for oncology treatment "AstroMelanin"
    Transition to the Stage 7 of financing
    Online meeting with the director of "Vortex-Oscillatory Technologies" Ltd. E.D.Sorokodum
    Completion of the Certification of "RUSICH" balm

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In work

  • December 2020 Execution of a contract for the production of the drug "AstroMelanin"
    Release of a video presentation on the vortex generator
    Release of a commercial for the "RUSICH" balm
    Start of financing for the production of a vortex generator
    Start of financing for the production of "AstroMelanin"
    Preparation of an updated business plan for UFG
    Launch of the official sales of the "RUSICH" balm
    Full-scale advertisement campaign of "RUSICH" balm
    Adding new products on the online store ufgmarket.com
    Summing up the results of 2020

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In the near future

  • January 2021 Dividends calculation for 2020
    Installation of an automatic line for the "RUSICH" balm production
    Start of trial tests of "AstroMelanin" within the UFG Company
    Accrual of the first dividends from the Company's profits
  • February 2021 Accrual of the first dividends from the Company's profits
  • March 2021 Launch of production of the drug "AstroMelanin"
    Certification of the drug "AstroMelanin"
  • April 2021 Launch of the official sales of the drug "AstroMelanin"
    Registration of the Company in Europe
    Creation of a dealer network in Europe
  • May 2021 Certification of the "AstroMelanin" preparation in Europe
    Launch of sales of "AstroMelanin" in Europe
  • July 2021 Accrual of dividends for 6 months of 2021
(Information will be updated)

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