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Development in the field of biotechnology, based on the isolation of melanin from a strain of black Antarctic yeast Nadsoniella nigra var. Hesuelica.

The development received positive feedback and support from the heads of three oncological centers in Russia, who rated it as a promising drug that reflects the latest methods in the treatment of tumor diseases.


2020 year

19 million people have cancer
More than 11 million died in a year

2024 year

28 million cases (forecast)

Spending on cancer drugs worldwide

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health 2017:

  • $56 billion total 2011 spending
  • $187 billion total 2021 spending
  • $240 billion forecast 2023

Demand for drug development

$620 000 000

Pfizer Inc. has acquired from Aventis SA “Campto” for the treatment of cancer patients for $620 million.


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$14 000 000 000

Pfizer has bought “Medivation”, a producer of an oncology drugs, for $14 billion.

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$5 100 000 000

GlaxoSmithKline plc has acquired “TESARO”, Waltham, Massachusetts-based oncology-focused company; the deal has been done for $5.1 billion.


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$11 400 000 000

Pfizer has bought cancer drug maker “Array BioPharma”. The deal was valued at $11.4 billion.

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The demand for health products is growing every year in the world. It is for those products that help to preserve youth and beauty. People no longer want to be mindlessly treated with chemical drugs, as they often do more harm than good.

Now we are on the verge of a very important event, we have fully mastered the tenology (active button) of the production of Alginar, and we are launching it into production. And you can join us on this path and contribute to the production of a product that brings health to people around the world.


Investments in a promising business with a turnover of more than $ 200 billion dollars a year


An opportunity to have access to all preparations and company developments at the lowest prices


The annual payment of dividends to investors of the company, after calculating the annual profit


The ability to transfer their shares in the company by inheritance


Participation in the creation of an important area in the safe therapy and treatment of many diseases


Profit from all development and investment tools of the company

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