Year 2004

Preclinical tests were conducted at the Kazakh Research Institute. Document

Year 2004

A.P. Frantsev and his team of biologists became winners of the 2nd World Congress on Immunopathology. Document

Year 2006 - 2007

The clinical test of the immunomodulator at the Kazakh Research Institute. Document

Year 2008

Winner of the IV international conference on immunotherapy. Document

Year 2010

«Innovative Investments solutions» conducted an assessment of a research study of drug development, and it amounted to more than $3 billion dollars. Document

Year 2019

Received MSDS a safety certificate for raw materials. Document

Patents. Document

Investor agreement. Document

FRAN LLC and United Financial Group agreement Document

Immunibalm (composition, description, application) Open

Sertificate of conformity balm "RUSICH" Open

Astromelanin "Journal TM" 2005 Open

Astromelanin awards Open

Astromelanin patents Open

Institute Tokio Open

Letter to the President of Russia Open

Астромеланин доктор Ньюман США Открыть