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WE are a Team of dedicated professionals! We believe the result depends on the joint work of all participants!

Our mission is to bring safe medicines and new engineering developments to the market, to support and to finance developers of innovative products and products. Some of our products are already available to ordinary people.

We support engineers, inventors and developers of innovative energy solutions. Many great engineers and developers after the collapse of the USSR lost the opportunity to implement their developments.

Our projects: Open

We've launched crowdfunding for the best designs!

Now anyone can participate in this important and promising direction. By uniting we can do what one cannot do.

Profit from all projects is distributed to each participant in our funding program.

We believe that honesty and nationwide support will move mountains. We make the world a better place, and we do it together with You.

Today we joint over 2000 thousand people from more than 40 countries around the world! And You can become part of our Team!


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