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News General Understanding of Melanins

General Understanding of Melanins

Melanins occupy a special position among natural substances in terms of the method of synthesis in structure, in properties and in place in the evolution of prebiological and later biological structures.

The chemical structure of natural melanins has not yet been finally established due to their extremely complex polymer structure and wide variety, which does not allow a chemical description of even those pigments that have been studied for many years. It is possible that in nature there are no two completely identical melano-pigments.

Melanins are widespread in nature, found in organisms of all evolutionary levels. Melanin is found in hair, fur, eyes, skin and internal organs, including the gray matter of the brain.

Many diseases are described that occur with excessive or insufficient synthesis of these substances, such as, for example, melanomas (melanoblastomas), Parkinson's and Addison's diseases, phenylketonuria.

It is believed that melanin gives animals a protective coloration (camouflage function), protects bare skin from photochemical damage from sunlight, which is manifested by burns and malignancy. Entomologists-ecologists consider melanogenesis in insects as a morphological adaptation designed for more efficient use of solar energy (heating the body at low ambient temperatures) and to protect the insect's body from drying out and mechanical damage.

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