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News A Bit of History of AstroMelanin's Appearance

A Bit of History of AstroMelanin's Appearance

Characteristics of the natural strain 365 Nadsoniellanigra var. hesuelica.

Natural strain 365, characterized by coal-black pigmentation, was isolated by E.L.Ruban in 1957 from a sample taken by I.P.Ruban on the Antarctic island of Heswell during the 2nd Antarctic Expedition (1956 - 1957).

The very first acquaintance with it showed that it was extremely interesting for its uniqueness, and its taxonomic position remained unclear. Until the moment of study and description, the strain was kept in storage in specially created laboratory conditions for almost ten years.

The Antarctic strain turned out to be unlike any of the organisms described in the literature, with the exception of some similarity (in description) with Nadsoniella nigra Isachenko. This culture was isolated by B.L.Isachenko at the beginning of the last century from the soil of the Catherine Bay of the Arctic Ocean. It was not assigned by him to any systematic group and was not included in any of the qualifiers. Information about the finding of similar organisms in other areas of the globe has not been found.

A large amount of work on the study of AstroMelanin was carried out by Svetlana Lyakh. At the moment, United Financial Group continues the activities started her and finances research work with AstroMelanin.

Our goal is to create a safe medicine for the treatment of cancer.



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