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News Close the sale of UFG shares

Close the sale of UFG shares

Dear Investors and Partners of UFG!

✅There is a Council of partners in our company, which includes investors of Gold status and above, as well as investors with an investment of $5,000 or more.

By a joint decision of the UFG Board Meeting it was decided:

Close the sale of UFG shares on December 31, 2022.
Sale of ALG (Alginar) shares will be opened from January 1

⚠️UFG shares will receive dividends from products:
Balm Rusich
Herbal products we plan to launch in 2023

⚠️ALG shares will receive dividends from Alginar

👉🏻UFG share holders can also buy ALG shares to increase their share of the profits from Alginar.

Profit from Alginar will be distributed equally between UFG and ALG, as we have already fully funded development and research, and the new stage is the launch of production with a capacity of 1kg of melanin per month.

‼️Thus, we get a number of advantages:

The number of UFG shares will be small, as the profit per share will be higher than when all shares are sold.

The Alginar project will be launched as a separate direction, in which there will be several stages, and as a new project within the company. Due to this, the interest of new investors to enter the project at the initial stages will be much higher.

Installment packages for UFG shares will be available until the installment payment is completed.
Packages that the investor stopped paying for will be frozen without the possibility of defrosting.

In the near future, an update of the entire back-office is being prepared. The number of stages and the price for the ALG share will be announced soon. The business plan is published in back-office, in the news, by email.

✅Our task is not to dilute profit into a large number of shares, but to optimize all costs and attract new partners to the company to speed up the financing process.




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