Road map

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August 2019

Start of attracting investments

November 2019

Launch of UFG's own investment platform

November 2019

Ready video presentation of the drug "FRAN"

January 2020

Created online store (is in the process of setting up and filling)

February 2020

The beginning of the development and research in the field of immunity and the launch of the production of our own drug at the Department of the Department of Chemistry of Moscow State University

March 2020

Certificate of compliance for the drug "FRAN"

April 2020

Reorganization of the company under the UFG brand

Start of cooperation with Yllo blockchain One

Clinical trials of balsam have begun in our company


In work

May 2020

Purchase of raw materials for the manufacture of balsam (60 000 bottles)

Purchase of packaging and equipment for balsam production

Motazh company video presentation

Company website update

June 2020

Start of research and product development with squalene

Installation and commissioning of equipment for the production of balsam

July 2020

Launch of balm production

Balm Certification

Issue your token on the Yllo blockchain

August 2020

Beginning of official balsam sales


In the plans

October 2020

Creation of a technological map for the production of squalene-based drugs

January 2021

Accrual of first dividends from company profits

January - March 2021

Purchase of equipment and launch of production of the drug based on the substance “squalene”

February - April 2021

The end of research and development of our own drug, the creation of a technological map for production

June - September 2021

Launch into production of a drug of its own development on the theory of immunity

(Information will be updated)