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Road map


August 2019

Beginning of investment attraction

November 2019

Launching of UFG’s own investment platform

Creation of the video presentation of the drug “FRAN”

February 2020

Beginning of the development and research in the immunity field and launching of our own production of the drug at the

Department of the Faculty of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University

March 2020

Receiving the Certificate of compliance for the drug “FRAN”

April 2020

Reorganization of the Company under the brand UFG

Start of cooperation with the Yllo Blockchain One company.

Beginning of the clinical trials of balm in the framework of our company.

May 2020

Purchase of materials for the manufacture of balm (60,000 bottles)

Purchase of packaging and equipment for the production of balm

Update of the Company’s website

June 2020
Installation and checkout of the equipment for small-scale production of "RUSICH" balm

Purchase of the production technology rights of "RUSICH" balm

July 2020
Release of the first batch of "RUSICH" balm

Market launch of the "RUSICH" balm

Ordering an automatic line for packaging the "RUSICH" balm

August 2020

Launch of an online store ufgmarket.com for partners

Development of a landing page for "RUSICH" balm ufgshop.ru

Transition to the Stage 6 of financing

September 2020
Inclusion of Yllo Blockchain One company to the our website

Enabling marketing for balm in member account

November 2020
Execution of the cooperation agreement with Vortex-Oscillatory Technologies LLC

Start of production of the drug for oncology treatment "AstroMelanin"

Transition to the Stage 7 of financing

Online meeting with the director of "Vortex-Oscillatory Technologies" Ltd. E.D.Sorokodum

Completion of the Certification of "RUSICH" balm

Added a new product "Lavage Matkevich"

December 2020

Conclusion of an agreement with the developer "AstroMelanin"

Start of financing for the production of a vortex generator

January 2021

Start of financing for the production of "AstroMelanin"

Release of the first batch of "AstroMelanin"

Updated business plan for UFG

Payment of dividends for 2020

February 2021

Started testing of the drug "AstroMelanin"

Started research of the drug "AstroMelanin"

Release of video - presentation on vortex generator

Adding new products to the online store ufgmarket.com

March 2021

Installation of an automatic line for the production of balsam "RUSICH"

Release of the video presentation "AstroMelanin"

Launch of official sales of the balsam "RUSICH"

Full-scale advertising of the balsam "RUSICH"

April 2021

Tests of the "AstroMelanin" preparation.

UFG-Сrypto investment account launched

In the progress:

May 2021

Continuation of trials of the drug "AstroМelanin"

Preparation of conclusions and scientific work on the research "AstroMelanin"

Installation of an automatic line for the production of "RUSICH" balm

Full-scale advertising of the "RUSICH" balm

Launch of the official sales of the "RUSICH" balm

June 2021

Preparation of patents for the drug "AstroMelanin"

July 2021

Accrual of dividends for 6 months of 2021

August - September 2021

Start of preclinical research of "AstroMelanin"

Certification of the drug "AstroMelanin" as a dietary supplement

Start of sales of the drug "AstroMelanin" as a dietary supplement

Creation of own production of the drug "AstroMelanin"

(Information to be updated)

(Information is being updated)